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Cabo San Lucas in March- The BEST Family Spring Break Trip

Cabo San Lucas in March for our Spring Break trip last year was maybe one of our favorite trips of all time. Personally, I really think spring is the very BEST time to visit this Mexican paradise. And any spring break trip with kids where I leave actually feeling refreshed (and did so on a crazy tight budget)?! That is a HUGE win.

I don’t know if it’s the amazing weather, stunning beaches, unforgettable whale watching, the luxe resorts or the delicious Mexican food​- but we could go back to Cabo over and over and over.

At the very southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is such an accessible international destination for US families. If you are looking for a safe international city, that doesn’t deal with jet lag, but also isn’t lacking in culture- THIS IS IT.

We lovveeeee Cabo San Lucas in March and think it is one of the BEST places for families to spend spring break with kids.

Visiting Cabo San Lucas in November-April

The best time of year to visit Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, totally depends on your priorities. However, the most popular time to visit Cabo San Lucas is typically the dry season.

The best months to hop down to Mexico is during November to April. The weather is sunny but doesn’t have the scorching heat of the summer months, the average temperature ranging from 68°F (20°C) to 85°F (29°C).

When we visited Cabo in March, the weather was California perfect when you first woke up. It would get just hot enough that you wanted to jump in the pool in the afternoon. Then in the evenings the temperatures would drop a bit where you felt you wanted a light jacket.

Rain is very minimal during the dry season, as well as a ton of cloudy days with chances of storms.

Honestly, the IDEAL weather conditions in our book!

Another reason this is an ideal time to visit Cabo, is it is peak season for whale watching in the Pacific Ocean! The best time to see whales is from early January through March. Make sure to schedule early morning tours for smaller waves and less chance of seasickness….NO ONE wants to deal with sick kids on vacation right?!

Afternoon tours do tend to see whales at their most active, but the boat ride is usually choppy later in the day.

You’ll find Cabo busiest during the winter months of December to March, coinciding with winter breaks and all the holidays in the US. Prices are higher at hotels and beaches and resorts are more crowded.

Visiting Cabo in the Summer

As you get into June, July, and August, personally the temps get just a bit too hot for my liking (at least for being out in the direct sun all day). Average maximum temperatures peak in those popular summer months, finally reaching in the mid 90’s.

May, considered Cabo shoulder season, though is a great month to relax in more mild temperatures and hours of sunshine. May is the also the driest month, with no rain and pleasantly hot weather during the day.

The ocean water is starting to heat up, and all the summer crowds haven’t hit in droves yet with most kids not out of school. So if not for spring break, May can also be another wonderful time to visit Cabo San Lucas with kids.

​Visiting Cabo in Late Summer-Fall

The low season, which is typically July to October, is Cabo’s rainy and hurricane season in the region. Although there is a higher chance of rain during these months, typically it is that standard tropical midday shower and then it quickly passes.

August and September specifically see the most cloudy days and a slight chance of hurricanes. A perk of the “rainy season” is that you’ll find the best discounts on accommodations and activities- making it even more of a budget friendly option for families for for a quick kid-free getaway!

For those families really wanting to take advantage of the water activities, the fall months are actually the best time to go to Los Cabos. The water temperatures in September are bath-like, ranging from 80 to 84 F (27 to 29 C).

Did you know the Sea of Cortez is home to five species of endangered sea turtles?! Loggerhead, Hawksbill, Leatherback, Olive Ridley and Green turtles.

August is the start of sea turtle season, so many times you can catch them in the sand trying to make their way to the water. There are many baby turtle release tours you can sign up for that the kids would LOVE.

So unless water sports are your thing, there might be better times to visit Cabo.

The Best Time to Visit Cabo San Lucas

So lots to consider! Although we thought Cabo San Lucas in March was ideal, every time of year has it positives and negatives.

All this to say, if you are looking for a combination of the perfect weather, lower crowds than those bustling summer months, sunny days (but not too hot), annndddd all of this aligning with the kid’s school breaks- you are going to want to visit Cabo in March for Spring Break.

Let’s be honest though…ANYTIME is the right time to visit Mexico (especially los Cabos). Amirite?! (if you are looking for a kid free getaway check out our round up of the best boutique resorts in Mexico here!)

The Cabo San Lucas weather was perfection the month of March when we visited. So here’s the recipe for a dreamy (most RELAXING and enjoyable!) spring break in Mexico!

Where to stay in Cabo with kids

There are dozens and dozens of incredible places to stay for families in Cabo San Lucas. It really just depends on your preferred flavor of beach vacation. 🙂

There are high end luxury resorts where you won’t lift a finger (I mean besides the whole traveling with kids part :)), all inclusive resort options, a handful of vacation rentals, and many mid-range not as luxe hotel choices.

We knew we wanted a trip we came home feeling as refreshed as possible with so we went the resort route- the Hilton Los Cabos to be exact. And our favorite kind of vacation is to the tune of luxury for LESS.

And it did NOT disappoint…let me tell you.

The Hilton Los Cabos was one of the best hotels we’ve ever stayed at. The service was 5 star Four Seasons level GOOD, the food was out of this world memorable, and the location right on the (swimmable!) beach could not have been more perfect.

Also did I mention there is a FREE kids club (Ages 4-12) included in your stay?? I know, I know…say no more.

We stayed for 6 nights and even though we easily could have (very happily) stayed longer, 6 nights was the a great amount of time to really get settled in with the kids. I really wouldn’t personally do any less than 4 nights, to really make the vacation worth it.

Here’s a small round up of some other solid accommodation options for families!

The best places to stay in Cabo for families

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos- Probably the most well known all inclusive in all of Cabo. The Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos offers parents swim-up bars, kids designated activities, and special excursions for the whole fam. There are 4 pools, a kids splash playground, a teen game room, and nightly entertainment. The resort boats of SIXTEEN restaurants so if you want options this is the place for you.

*Bonus this one is fully bookable on points with Hyatt if you really want to save!

Villa la Estancia- This one is located on sandy, swimmable Medano Beach. It has with several cascading pools and five Jacuzzis. This hacienda-style resort also spacious suites with up to three bedrooms and full kitchens, if you are really looking for some SPACE. Guests also have access to the restaurants, pools, and waterslides at both neighboring sister properties. There are full meal plans as an option if you are interested in that!

Hacienda Del Mar Los Cabos Resorts This colonial-style resort has five pools, including a kids’ pool with waterfalls and slides you know they will LOVE. It is nestled just steps away from Cabo del Sol golf course, with breathtaking scenery of the Sea of Cortez. They offer enormous suites with up to four bedrooms and two floors can sleep up to ten (wow!). Their kids’ club offers pool time, a plethora of activities, and even Spanish lessons!

The best place to stay in Cabo for families cont.

Grand Solomar Land’s End Resort & Spa This one is newly renovated and a wonderful all inclusive option. The stunning pools, desert-like gardens, cheery kids club, and a strong variety of dining options will make everyone happy. The fact that every room has its own outdoor space is a huge win, especially when you want to enjoy a little peace and quiet after the kids do down for the night. This one is super close to the marina and downtown Cabo San Lucas which is a huge advantage!

Casa Dorado Located on a private beach, Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort & Spa is in El Medano Ejidal, a walkable area in Cabo San Lucas with fun shopping. There is a great pool and convenient location, easily accessible to shops and restaurants, the marina, and downtown Cabo San Lucas. A one-bedroom suite sleeps a family of four, and two-bedroom suites can sleep a family of five or six…always helpful to have those larger space options!

The Westin Los Cabos- Perched on cliffs overlooking the Sea of Cortez, this resort puts you at the center of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose’s fun filled local activities. The Westin is one of the largest hotels in Cabo for families. It has the incredible Westin Family Kids Club to give you a little break while spring breaking with the kids in tow. The Westin also offers other incredible features, like idyllic barbecue and picnic areas, four swimming pools as well as a relaxing and luxurious spa.

*Bonus this one is fully bookable on points with Marriott if you really want to save!

What to do in Cabo San Lucas in March

Although much of your time I am sure will be spent just lounging at the resort, pool, and beach…here’s a few ideas to make sure to get the full experience of the area!

​A morning or afternoon trip into San Jose del Cabo downtown

So if you are unfamiliar, there are actually two sides of Cabo San Lucas. The area as a whole is usually referred to as “Cabo” but there are actually two downtown areas.

San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. The former is known as the very lively, more nightlight centric side of the area. Lots of bars, and wild spring breakers, and allll the things you can imagine.

We opted for San Jose del Cabo and I would highly recommend carving out a morning or afternoon to visit this cultural gem. This is the quieter more peaceful side of Cabo, rich in culture, and art walks, and delicious authentic Mexican food.

It was incredibly safe and felt more like a European downtown area, rather than the images you might get when thinking about downtown in some Mexican city.

​Explore the souvenir shops, wander the cobblestone streets, and tacos are a MUST (the ones at La Lupita Tacos & Mezcal were mouth watering)

​Have an early sunset dinner at Flora Farms

When we shared on Instagram, we were headed to Cabo- Flora Farms was the resounding recommendation. If you only sneak away from the resort one time, THIS is what you should do. And I wouldn’t disagree!

We ended up paring an early dinner here, with a morning and early afternoon exploring downtown. We LOVED our time lounging and swimming at the resort, but this one day mid-trip we spent out was just the best!

Highly recommend eating at least one meal at Flora Farms, it is just LOVELY. A non-negotiable when visiting Cabo San Lucas in March IMO. 🙂

Hidden at the end of a somewhat remote sand road near San Jose del Cabo, it’s a 25-acre organic farm growing all sorts of flowers, vegetables and herbs. There is a farm-to-table restaurant, boutiques, a free walking farm tour- make sure you plan for time to hang around for a bit!

There is an outdoor playground for the kids lined with bougainvillea, I mean really?!…just SO idyllic. 

We loved an early dinner right before sunset, the entire grounds are just down right magical at that time. Make sure to make reservations though or else you most certainly will not get a table without a long wait!

Boat Cruise to visit the famous El Arco

Ok so most people say this is one of the most romantic things to do in Cabo…which it absolutely is. BUT don’t leave the families out! Watching the sky change to pink and fiery orange and take in your unforgettable Mexican spring break together.

El Arco means “The Arch,” as this is a natural stone arch. It’s located at Land’s End, which is the tip of the Baja Peninsula, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez.

Taking a boat ride out to El Arco is probably one of the most iconic things you can do in Cabo San Lucas in March.

Visit Lovers Beach or El Medano Beach

These are probably the two most popular beaches to visit in Cabo San Lucas. And actually some of the only swimmable beaches in the area!

Did you know most beaches are not swimmable in Cabo? Due to the strong high tides, most beaches are way too dangerous to swim in. I never knew this until we visited the area!

Although there are no roads to Lover’s Beach, you can reach it by water taxi. The ride costs about $20 to $25 USD roundtrip from Medano Beach to Land’s End. Or if you have older kids, you can actually rent a kayak or SUP board from Medano Beach and paddle over there.

Go Whale Watching in Cabo San Lucas in March

Every year between mid-December and early April, thousands of gray humpback and other whales migrate from their Arctic feeding grounds to the warm waters off the Baja Peninsula to mate and give birth. But in Cabo, you will see mainly humpback whales.

You can often spot them right from shore, spouting and jumping (we saw one early one morning from our hotel balcony!). But if you want an up close and personal look, you will want to book an official tour. 

During these winter months, you are almost guaranteed to spot a whale. And if you are one of the unlucky groups that doesn’t catch a siting, most tour operators will typically give you a complimentary tour to make up for it!

Our kids still stay whale watching is one of their most favorite vacation memories.

Swim with the Dolphins

Probably the most widely recommended activities for kids while vacationing in Cabo (although commercialized albeit!).

Dolphin Discovery is a “dolphinarium” in Los Cabos, where bottlenose dolphins (and their babies!) live in a natural ocean cove. It’s certified by the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums – so American standards of animal care are met or exceeded.

If you’re looking for a break from the sun and pool, this is a very popular option for families in the area.

In Conclusion – Visiting Cabo San Lucas in March

Cabo in March really is the perfect family Spring Break trip – ideal weather conditions, relaxing and just beyond dreamy, something for mom/dad + something for the kids, an international destination yet not a huge undertaking.

I promise you won’t regret a trip to this gorgeous place!

If you are dreaming of a trip to Cabo, but don’t know how you’d make it work in the budget…make sure you join us on Instagram! We are in stories daily, sharing all our hacks and tips on how to take bucket list trips as a family for WAY less. 🙂

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