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Memoring Keeping

Memoring Keeping

Tasteful Travel Inspired Home Decor You Will Love

If you are like us and have a particularly sensitive radar for the cheesy and poorly designed, then you know in the world of travel inspired home decor….tasteful can be very hard to find. We like our home like we like our adventures- beautiful and well curated (call us vain).

But we truly do have an appreciation for a well-designed home, yet also love to incorporate our favorite and most meaningful trips in our every day lives.

We scoured the internet and found the most tasteful ideas for travel inspired home decor. Pieces and ideas that will seamlessly fit into your modern home, while still holding all the meaning they are meant to. See the round up below!

Showcase artisanal textiles, throws, or pillows

This is one of my favorite “souvenirs” to pick up in a new country. The beauty of a unique artisanal textile from another culture can’t be beat. A few years back we went to Santa Fe and splurged on a gorgeous deep navy throw with a distinct New Mexico aesthetic. It has been the perfect accent to the leather chair in our living room for years…and will continue to be timeless forever.

Even if not a souvenir, purchasing intentional textiles like an Indian throw blanket or mudcloth pillows add a rich cultural feel to your space.

Hang a tasteful Push Pin Travel Map in the heart of your home

If you have ever tried to find an actually beautifully designed travel map, you know it’s no easy task. This push pin map is the most elegant one on the market, and bonus, is handcrafted here in the States! A map you could actually display in your modern living room and it not be a complete eyesore- a win! (Also don’t miss our round up of 10 beautiful ways to document your travels here)

Use travel-inspired rugs

Vintage kilim rugs are one of our favorite ways to quickly add a rich cultural feel to any room. They can get very pricey, very quickly. Our go-to sources for travel-inspired rugs without spending a million dollars are hands down Etsy and Ebay.

Choose culturally-inspired furniture pieces

I am not talking super ornate pieces that scream say “I AM FROM MOROCCO.” (although, done in the right way, that could be cool!). We love furniture that has small cultural details that give a nod to a place other than your home, but don’t overtake the room. Furniture that tells a story is our FAVORITE.

If you have a little more in the budget, The Citizenry is KING of tasteful culturally inspired decor. You can even shop their site by country- so very dreamy…check them out.

Pick out a meaningful custom map or print

One of the simplest ways to incorporate travel inspired decor into your home is with custom map prints. (Which if you’re looking for thoughtful gifts similar to this look no further than here!) There are so many amazing sources out there for beautifully designed map prints. Minted and Nbourhood are some of our favorite though! We also love the modern take on the National Park prints on Etsy here.

Frame photos from your most special adventures

Choose the most beautiful landscape pictures from you most cherished trips. Slap a preset over those in the free Lightroom App and send those beauties into FrameBridge for a truly effortless process. If there are travel photos flooding every corner of your home it can edge on tacky, but a few meaningful shots here and there can add beauty and a story to your home. The custom prints above from Still Novel as also a gorgeous and special way to display your travel photos.

Display your travel mementos in a timeless keepsake box

Such an interesting item to display on your coffee table that keeps your travels at the forefront of your (and your company’s) mind. A design-forward keepsake to hold all the mementos from your latest adventure is such a subtle way to add some travel inspired home decor to your spaces.

Celebrate your favorite countries with curated dishes and mugs

We love collecting unique dish-ware and mugs from our travels. Although, you have to be careful actually getting the items home. They are such a beautiful way to reminisce on past adventures without overwhelming your space with travel inspired decor. Just drooling over these Japanese serving plates.

Infuse travel inspired home decor with paintings of your favorite destinations

Whether it’s a custom painting of a meaningful landscape or one you find of your favorite place on earth. Artwork can be a simple and elegant way to give a nod to travel without walking the cheesy line. Our go-to sources for art are Etsy and Society6!

Place out travel-themed coffee table books

Find some gorgeous minimal coffee table books showcasing your favorite countries and boom you’ve got some tasteful travel inspired home decor down! We love Gray Malin everything, this Italy coffee table book is especially dreamy. All the travel coffee table books linked above!

Make a collection of woven baskets from other countries

Artisanal baskets are trending lately and for good reason. Whether, placing a basket or two in your bathroom or displaying a collection of them on your wall. Woven baskets from other countries are such a tasteful way to incorporate some culturally-inspired themes in your home.

Travel inspired home decor does NOT have to be tacky friends! Here’s to both beautiful AND meaningful homes!

Memoring Keeping

10 Beautiful Ways to Document Your Travels

If only the adventures could live on forever, right?! Well, we’re here to say in many ways they can. If you take the intentional time to document your travels, they can very well be right at your fingertips, ready to reminisce on over and over.

Now, we aren’t about two things here at Wayfaren…

  1. We don’t like things that are complicated
  2. We don’t like things that are ugly (sorry not sorry)

So we’ve rounded up the very best (simple AND beautiful) ways to document your travels. That way, those life-changing memories don’t just die where you left them. They can actually live on forever and ever, ready to be remembered and cherished for years to come. There are a million ways to document your travels, but we’re pretty confident this list has the most straight-forward and thoughtfully designed ideas you can find.

Use a Push Pin Travel Map

This is one of our favorite ways to track our travels and dream up where we want to go to next. We have ours displayed in our living room, at the heart of our home. Our girls love coming home from a trip to pin the new country or city we just checked off our list.

They make the best conversations starters too when friends come over! Although, most of the ones on the market tend to be pretty tacky or cheap looking, this map surpasses them all. Beautiful enough to be hung in your living room and handmade so it is built to last.

Document your Travels with a One-of-a-Kind Poster

We LOVE these Still Novel Posters for bucket list trips. Not only are they gorgeously designed, but we love that they get those travel memories onto your walls for all to see. I want to purchase one of their Travel Prints for our epic Italy trip and hang it in the playroom. Such a unique option to document those most cherished vacations.

Document your Travels with a Instax Camera + Instant Photo Printer

We just purchased one of these for our upcoming trips to Cabo and it was such a small thing, that was just such a fun addition to our trip. To be able to have these instant pocket-sized moments from our trips just brings me an odd amount of joy. We LOVE this little cutie below, but if you want a little more budget friendly option this is your best bet here!

If you don’t have an Instax camera, we can’t recommend this little mini smartphone printer enough. Warning, you will be obsessed with suddenly printing off ALL your photos. We love this option for actually getting photos off your phone and into your hands quickly and so very simply.

Create an Ever Rotating Travel Photo Ledge

We love the idea of having all your photos from your latest adventures displayed front and center in your home. Hang some designated photo ledges in your home that rotate with photos from your latest vacation. Make a point to cull through, favorite, edit, and order the photos all from your phone on that flight or drive home. You know you’ll thank yourself later 🙂 (Those white border framed photos really give a finished look to the display- see the best value option for those here!)

Bring Along a Simple Travel Journal

To journal or not to journal? Although, I am not naturally a journalling type of person, I never ever regret documenting my travels in writing. It is so fun and sweet to pull those journals out of the closet years later and be able to relive a trip I forgot about. A must if you are serious about documenting your travels. Less is more when it comes to journals, see this simple yet beautiful one here!

Use a Beautiful Keepsake Box to Store All Those Travel Mementos

Get those travel photos off your phone and all those little mementos and trinkets organized in a special place. A travel keepsake actually worthy of all those life-changing adventures…because SWOON. These keepsake boxes are so tasteful and can be passed down for years to come. There is a classic size for shorter trips and a large size for those bigger adventures.

Create an Old School Photo Album with Polaroid Photos

Take all those polaroid and Instax photos and create a simple little photo album. We love these ones that you can personalize for each trip. And call us crazy, but we actually love the old-school feel of the album with actual pictures taped in. Just something special about having all those tangible photos from your most special adventures in your hands.

Compile All Your Photos in a Simple Photo Book

Nothing revolutionary here, but just a reminder to take 30 minutes to actually make this happen. Finding ways to document your travels doesn’t have to be complicated. Favorite all your most special photos from your last trip. Dump all the images into the ChatBooks app. Choose your book style and title and BOOM, you just created a way to hold onto those travel memories even ten years from now. Chatbooks has so many timeless design choices now that make documenting your travels beautifully easier than ever before (and starting at $10, this option can’t be beat!).

If you really want a special keepsake, we recommend the Artifact Uprising Travel Photo Books (a true treasure)- get $20 off your first purchase on those here!

Create a Timeless Shadow Box

Ok, ok hear me out…because I know, shadow boxes can get cheesy really quickly. But let me tell you, I’ve never seen shadow boxes more beautiful than these ones at West Elm. Thoughtfully placed travel mementos and this drool worthy piece on your bookshelf, and you’re sure to have everyone asking questions. What a stunning conversation piece to have displayed in your home! This is such a unique find and one we definitely want to add to our documented travels arsenal.

Track your Destinations with a Scratch Off Map

Documenting your travels and dreaming up those next adventures is never as fun as it is on a scratch off map. Similar to the Push Pin Map, but at a lower price point if you don’t want to totally splurge on a keepsake. This is something we love to get our girls involved in, as again they just totally delight in how many places we’ve gone and where we will travel to next! I will be honest and say it was pretty hard for me to find one that I would frame and put in my home…BUT this was the clear winner of the bunch!

Finding ways to document your travels doesn’t have to be overwhelming and also can be beautiful believe it or not. Here’s to holding onto those life-changing memories for a lifetime!

Memoring Keeping

Memory Keeping 101 // The Simple and FAST Way

Well, I am approximately one year and 3 months behind on this….but finally, FINALLY I have put together the memories from our Italy trip last summer. (Read all about how our family of four spent 1 month in Italy for 1k last May here) and I feel like a bit of memory keeping is now under my belt.

It is so darn easy to just let those photos sit on my phone (and they did for 365+ days), but I can’t tell you how good it feels to organize, print out, and gather all that memorabilia from our trip and have it in hand, ready to reminisce on.

In an age of digital this and fast that, it makes me value tangible memories all the more.



I ended up ordering a soft cover photobook from Artifact Uprising, because from our perspective the quality and design just can’t be beat. I am SO thrilled with how the book turned out, I know we will still be looking back at it 20 years from now.

The book we ordered was here (an incredible value for the quality you recieve)…no kickback to us, we just really love this company. And if you sign up for their mailing list you can get a 15% off coupon!

We also love Chatbooks for a super easy way to document your travels (or any life season really)….you are literally one click away from getting those photos off your phone and into your hands. Get $10 off your first order HERE!

No lie, it was literally one click to upload the photos and then have the website automatically fill them in for me. Date and title the book and DONE! Memory keeping checked on the list and feeling like a BOSS.



We gathered up our train tickets, bus stubs, and other little mementos I had saved, tied them up and then put them in one of our keepsake boxes. Now sitting on our coffee table is some of our most sweetest memories, right at our fingertips every.single.day.

The keepsake box style and size we used is here. The highest quality, most beautifully designed keepsake boxes on the market, hands down.



I am convinced this increases my JOY on an everyday basis. And I love that it is easily within reach for the kids to flip through whenever they like and remember as well (Less screens, more print- can I get an Amen?). Not to mention the incredible conversations it has started with friends over the past few weeks.

What trip have you been putting off documenting?? GO! Put those photos in a folder, upload them tonight and get your customized book and keepsake box ordered this week! Let the travel magic live on a bit longer friends.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

– Ibn Battuta