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What I’m Packing, Minis and Me: Family Trip to Cabo

Mexicooo! Beach, sun, sand, and a rich cultural experience…SIGN ME UP. We are heading to Cabo San Lucas for Spring Break and we couldn’t be more excited. Give me all the margaritas on the beach at sunset STAT, please. Mexico is such a great way to dip your toe into international travel with kids. It’s not too far of a plane ride, not TOO foreign of a culture, and is actually very family friendly. Here’s what we’re packing below for our family trip to Cabo (that are Mexico/beach specific)!

1. Passports

This one is a given…but NOT to be forgotten! If you haven’t aquired passports for your kids yet, NO FEAR and no need to be intimidated. The process is quite simple. For the run down check out the easy 3 step process HERE. As well, this helpful article from the Traveling Mom talks through a few FAQ’s and common mistakes.

2. A really good, clean sunscreen

Vacay at the beach = allll the sun protection. Our preference is the sunscreens without all the junk in them; all the protection, without the chemicals…yes please. We have tried many and this is the best clean sunscreen option we have found that 1. actually works, 2. isn’t a million dollars and 3. actually sprays on pretty clear, so you aren’t left looking like Olaf your entire beach vacation.

3. Aloe/Balm

Just *in case* sunburns do happen, I always like to have on hand some after sun relief. This clean Aloe Vera Gel here is great, but if you want the REALLY good stuff and don’t mind spending a bit more, this balm is true GOLD. A little bit goes a really long way and it provides the best, best soothing relief (and a million other purposes away from the beach as well!)

4. Sunglasses- Adults and Kids 🙂

A necessity (for you) and just adorable (for them). Our girls love these adorable sunnies we got just for the trip!

5. Beach Bag

Can’t go to the beach with kids (and their 26586937 things) without a beach bag. I’m bringing along this classic, simple one and I love that I will be able to use it not just in Mexico.

6. Bathing Suits

So many bathing suits. For you Mama, you can’t go wrong with Summersault suits. I am telling you, from a decades long semi-suitaphobic, these will make you feel confident in a way you haven’t in years. Cute and bit sexy, while still allowing you to freely chase your kids in the pool.

For the kids, we love H&M for adorable budget-friendly finds. And Minnow Swim and Coral Reef Swim if you are willing to spend a bit more (the quality and designs can’t be beat!).

7. Rash Guards/Long Sleeve Swimsuits for Kids

I learned this the hard way on our trip to 30A last summer. After 4 days at the beach, our kids were nice and rosy pink and I really wished I would have packed long sleeve swimsuits to protect them for those last few days in the sun. Ill prepared no more for our family trip to Cabo!

This rash guard for toddlers we got for our youngest is so dang cute and an incredible price. Minnow’s collection of rash guards truly is a minimal mama’s dream. For some long sleeve options that won’t break the bank, we love Swim Zip Suits!

8. Sun Hat

A must to protect from those bright afternoon rays. I have literally had this one since our honeymoon 11 years ago and it’s withstood multiple beach trips and countless dress up sessions with the girls 🙂

9. All the Beachy Dresses

Honestly, I’ll be frank and say I hate clothes shopping and just have a hard time spending money on myself in that way. BUT a few cute beachy items were a must. My favorite dress I found here (that definitely can be enjoyed beyond the beach), a fun floral skirt, and this linen jumpsuit were all winners!

10. Sandals for All

Although normally I really wouldn’t pack sandals for an international trip with kids (just due to the impracticality for walking and multi-use), I think for a family trip to Cabo they are a must. These sandals are a fantastic option for durable beach shoes, that are just as cute as they are well made (and not $$$)!

Also these $15 slides (yes $15!) scream family trip to the beach…and I ain’t mad about it 🙂

11. Poloroid Camera

Not beach related at all, but just SUCH a fun addition I knew I wanted to start adding to our travel memory documentation tool belt! Such a unique and simple way to instantly capture little memories from your trips…can’t wait to use this, and the kids will think it’s a blast too! (I can already envision the mullttiipllleee chats that will need to happen about not taking 84731 pictures lol)

12. Goggles

Any one else’s kids somehow become allergic to water unless they have their goggles on?? These CANNOT be forgotten. A high-quality, won’t break after one swim, option for kids here. A family trip to Cabo isn’t complete without goggles.

13. Floaties for the Little One

Our littlest is currently 4 and not *quite* swimming fully independently yet. I know bringing the floaties along will allow us to enjoy pool time with a little less stress. Kortni Jeane (another great find for fantastic on-trend swimwear) has the absolutely most ADORABLE collection of puddle splashers.

14. Small Packable Beach/Pool Toys

Less is 100% more when it comes to traveling internationally with kids (see all of our tips for heading to a new country with babes in tow at that link!). So I say this one cautiously. BUT a few small toys for them to play with at the beach and pool I think will be a nice change of pace at times. Not to mention, providing a good distraction for those times that tensions are high and the siblings are at each other for the 50th time, if you know what I mean :). I love that this set is silicone, for easy folding and easy packing!

15. Beach Read Books for Mama

Our resort in Cabo has a Kids Club we can drop the girls off to play at as often as they would like. (Can I get an Hallelujah?!) I plan on taking EVERY advantage of some of that quiet time beachside with a book in hand…my idea of heaven. One of my all-time favorite beach books is People We Meet on Vacation, a must read!

If you’re looking for other family friendly beach ideas be sure to check out our round of up the best all-inclusives for families here and dreamy, yet affordable beachfront vacation rentals here. Cheers to margaritas beachside and unforgettable memory making ahead…family trip to Cabo here we come!

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