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10 Reasons Why You NEED to Travel With Your Kids

Ok, ok I know…NEED is a strong word. I know everyone has different budgets, different family situations, different life rhythms. But here to say, even if it is a short roadtrip a few hours drive away…we really do NEED to be adventuring with our littles in tow. Here’s our top ten reasons why you should travel with kids as often as you’re able.

1. It’s just FUN !

YES traveling as a family isn’t going to be easy every second of every trip. There will be meltdowns at the worst possible moments….but most of the time?? It’s just going to be so darn FUN. How often do we truly have fun with our kids? Genuine enjoyment for both you and them? I’d dare to say not incredibly often.

Traveling with our little ones is a way to “get on the ground” and PLAY with them. Adventure, explore, tackle new challenges and places together. Taking our kids on new adventures will absolutely have its stressful moments, but it is going to a blast (for you and them) as well.

2. Making life-changing memories together

I think I probably have vivid memories of almost every single trip I went on as a kid. Traveling as a family while growing up is one of my sweetest childhood memories. We weren’t a family that was super close at home, so travel truly was one of our only opportunities to make those really special memories together.

I want our kids to look back on their childhood and have distinct memories and visions of the fun vacations, adventures, and maybe sometimes trouble we got into while traveling. No, they’re not going to remember everything…but that’s not what it’s about. Those memories as a family will shape and change and grow their little hearts and minds more than you can quantify. We also love being able to look back and reminisce on our favorite trips with our Push Pin Map or our collection of keepsake boxes.

3. Exposes them to new people, cultures, languages, and ways of living

Gosh I love this one. Anyone else on a mission to get your kids around as many people and places that are different than them as possible?? We learn so much about OTHERS and about OURSELVES when we are exposed to cultures and lifestyles that don’t mirror ours. I loveeeee that traveling breaks down their little walls and helps them see allll the different kinds of people and countries in this big beautiful world. Even at times, traveling to a new city in your same state can expose them to a different culture or type of food!

4. Gets them (and you) outside their comfort zone

Can I get an amen for getting outside of our comfort zones?! I know, I know it’s really stinkin’ hard. But when we step outside those carefully guarded boundaries is when we grow the most. I honestly was equal parts terrified and exhilarated to take our kids to Italy at 3 and 8 months. It 100% took us out of our comfort zone. But it is hands down the best decision we ever made as parents.

There were moments we were totally in over our heads, there were moments our 3 year old had no idea what anyone was saying around her on the playground, there were moments the kids really had to willing to try something new. And it grew us and stretched us in ways only getting out of your comfort zone will. If you’re able…we can’t recommend traveling with kids internationally enough!

5. Bonds you as a family – a chance to unplug and connect with EACH OTHER

This is one of my favorite reasons we all need to be traveling with our kids now more than ever. Now and days, our lives are inundated with technology and schedules and rushed passing throughs. Traveling as a family allows you to disconnect, fully unplug, and focus only on each other. Gosh what a rarity! Honestly, when at home are you truly unplugging and connecting with your little ones for an extended period of time?? I know those moments are really hard to fight for in our family when we are in the rhythm of school and activities and the demand of life.

Disconnect to CONNECT.

6. Makes them more flexible

I am such a big believer in traveling with kids for this reason- stretchhinnngggg their ability to be more flexible. Growing their skill of “going with the flow” and increasing their adaptability is a gift they will see the benefits of into adulthood and beyond. We can’t complain about our kids being inflexible if we never give them opportunities to practice using that muscle. Sure, you will meet resistance…but it’s so worth it to help guide them through those road blocks.

The number 6 invaluable reason to travel with kids – it gives them safe (with you) scenarios to stretch that flexibility muscle. We have been traveling often with our kids since they were literally infants and I am telling you they are truly the happiest kids and at their very best when we are on a trip. Flexibility is the name of the game and they know that and are better for it!

7. Allows them to build confidence in a new way

Finding new and authentic ways for your child to gain confidence in themselves can be tough. Our oldest is pretty timid and risk adverse and I am telling you she comes ALIVE when we travel. To see her be the first to say “Hey let’s go explore there,” or try paddling boarding for the first time without hesitation, or effortlessly climb the rocky areas around the Hot Springs….it’s just SO heart-filling. She has gained so much confidence through our adventures and being presented new challenges.

8. Stirs their little hearts for the BEAUTY of this world

Gosh there is so very much to see in this majestic world of ours. And I want to take my kids to see every corner of it I can. To develop an appreciation for beauty at a young age is a completely underrated priority for kids. I want them to revel in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, listen to the unmatched sounds of the waves of the ocean, be amazed at the colorful homes stacked on top of each other on the coast of Italy. Yes, you’ll 100% need to prompt this wonder in them, but it’s a VERY worthy undertaking!

9. It sparks curiosity and adventure in tangible ways that many other things can’t

Curiosity is one of those things we loose as adults, that we really should learn to hold near to us and protect the rest of our lives. One of the reasons to travel with kids is to spark a curiosity and love for adventure in them that may be harder to do at home. I LOVE the questions that start to flow once we’re off on an adventure. “What in the world is that, why does that look that way, why do they do that?” A curious mind is a GIFT and one that will only enhance and grow their learning, humility, and eagerness for adventure.

10. To show them the world does NOT revolve around them 🙂

Annnddd this is my favorite reason to travel with kids. Our children are self-centered little creatures aren’t they?! Naively having NO clue that there is a huge world, and needs, and people, and differences that exist outside of them. Unless we give them opportunities and gentle guidance to shift this thinking…they are going to be stuck at me, myself, and I. I want to constantly turn my kids’ attention and hearts AWAY from themselves to be aware of others and that their needs are not numero uno priority. Can I get an AMEN??

Traveling with kids is one of the number one tangible ways we teach our kids that in fact, much to their dismay :), the world actually does not revolve around them


Because YOU want to travel! We’re convinced our bucket list dreams and hopes of adventure shouldn’t have to come to a halt just because we have a family in tow now. One of the reasons we travel with kids so much, is because WE want to travel. No, they won’t remember it all….but we will. And our littles will only be better for us bringing them along for the adventure 🙂

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