Hey there! We’re the Hattebergs- Luke, Abby, and our two little ladies right there. We are a husband and wife team, small business owners, and travel enthusiasts. Our mission is to bring our girls into this passion of ours one country at a time, and live a little more like we travel in the every day- slowly, savoring, seeking adventure all around us.

Between both of us we’ve lived in Italy for a year, taken an epic summer backpacking trip across Europe with only a tent and $800 in hand (can you guess which one of us that was?!), served with a youth organization in Barcelona. But to be honest? Parenting is the most thrilling, unexpected, and JOY filled adventure we have ever been on. Some people may think we are crazy for taking our kids cross Atlantic, but we say hey, parenting is challenging no matter where you are, so we might as well be somewhere on our bucket list, right?

Give us getting lost wanderings over a perfectly scripted itinerary, a charcuterie picnic over a fancy 5 star restaurant, and a kitchen dance party with our girls over all the “stuff” in the world. We believe in investing in quality when it really matters and that less is always so much more.

For now, we travel as often as our wallets allow and run this business of ours, Wayfaren, full-time in Dallas, TX. Our hope is to create beautifully designed keepsakes for the modern traveler, to hold onto their greatest adventures and dream up new ones every day. We have found such joy in this life-giving adventure we are on. Each day, this life is a gift – to do something you love, with the ones you love. We try not to take this privilege lightly, and hope in return we can in some small way bless each and every person that crosses our path.

Live • Travel • Savor
Grace, Luke&Abby


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