Airbnb x Etsy Partnership: Featured Sellers!

Celebrate with us! We were one of TWO featured sellers chosen in the Etsy x Airbnb partnership that just launched.

We are so excited that Etsy has teamed up with Airbnb to launch the “Art of Hosting.” A curated selection of well-crafted and guest-favorite home items made by Etsy sellers. The collection aims to make it easy and affordable for Airbnb Hosts to create a guest-friendly listing. These two powerhouse companies are both passionate about empowering entrepreneurs. Providing platforms that make it even easier to earn additional income doing what you love.

Hey! That’s us! Featured Sellers in the Etsy x Airbnb Partnership

Why It Matters

According to Airbnb, “In a 2021 survey of 1,000 US travelers, 68% of respondents said that thoughtful and unique amenities would compel them to leave a positive review for an Airbnb Host.” And we agree! We think those meaningful touches throughout a home can really go a long way with guests.  

During the pandemic specifically, hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs have turned to Airbnb and Etsy to start a side hustle or earn a little additional income. The earnings generated on both platforms really shows the significant impact of the “ownership economy.” An economy that keeps more of the returns of online marketplace activity with the communities and the people who power these platforms — during a time when people have needed it most. 

Our home listing on Airbnb.

Did you know that with Airbnb, the typical US Host earned more than $8,000 from January through September 2021?? That is nearly an extra month and a half of pay for the median US household! On the Etsy front, 2 in 3 sellers said their shop incomes held steady, if not grew, since the start of the pandemic. This provides additional income and stability to themselves and their families.  

All this to stay the partnership between Etsy x Airbnb is clearly a valuable one….and one we feel VERY passionate about around here.

Airbnb x Etsy Hosting Essentials

Our Navy World Push Pin Map was featured as a part of the curated hosting essentials and we were one of two sellers chosen to be the face of the launch. As well, our home and listing were featured on the Airbnb side.

Our Large Navy Push Pin World Map

If you’ve been around here for any length of time you know that one of our favorite travel hacks is Airbnbing our home while away to help offset those vacation costs.(helllloooo making money while you travel) We’ve been hosts now for over 4 years, and it has allowed us to take far more adventures than we would have been able to afford otherwise.

(See our full run down on how we Airbnb our home while we travel HERE!)

And we can tell you those thoughtful touches in our home, really go a long way with our guests. Whether it’s durable stoneware mugs or affordable linen sheets, intentional choices like that can make all the difference in a stay. And for us that means more bookings, which means more ADVENTURE.

Check out some of the other hosting essentials Etsy x Airbnb have curated below! Simply click the image and it will take you to the product listing page.

SO incredibly honored to have even been considered as a face for this partnership. After crafting keepsakes for almost 10 years now, this was such a fun feature. The fact that we feel so passionate about these two companies and opportunities, makes it all the more special 🙂 Thanks for celebrating with us!

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