Non Toy Gifts for Kids (the BEST curated list)

Anyone else always looking for fresh ideas for how to give your kids, honestly, less *junk* at the holidays…more practical, purposeful gifts…they might still actually be excited about??! So we did all the hard work for you and rounded up the best of the best curated list of non toy gifts for kids.

We’re all about less STUFF and more MEMORIES over here

Hoping this gives you some gifting inspiration and helps you feel a little “lighter” this holiday season 🙂

(Our families FAVORITE gifts to give hands down are experience gifts- we’ve got a jam packed list of 50+ experience ideas for everyone on your list here!)

Trying every year to be better and better about gifting with INTENTION

…and in our book, the less stuff we have tying us down, the more room we have for experiences and adventures, which is just the best stuff of life, amirite?! (less stuff = more adventures…like out month long bucket list adventure to Italy here)

See the list of non-toy gifts for kids below!

  • Nail Polish – Olive and June is our favorite safer option for the girls…this past year they each got a new color polish and a sticker set
  • Headbands – I’m a sucker for any headbands from Zara, or really anything baby/kid Zara. Take all my money
  • A Kindle for older kids! (perfect for travel)
  • A Yoto Mini Player– SO amazing for at home and while traveling!
  • Nice Markers – Anything that comes in a neat lockable case? Yes please. Love this contained nice set, makes markers feel just a little more special.
  • A Ninja Obstacle Course for Kids (anything to get them OUTSIDE!)
  • Tights
  • Jump Rope – I mean even jump ropes can be cute right?!
  • Cute hairbrush
  • Sidewalk chalk – I am just a sucker for good branding…but sidewalk chalk is always a win
  • Paint by sticker books – Our big is obsessed with these, and BONUS they are amazing for travel too. (Don’t miss our round up of our Travel Essentials for the Minimalist Mama for your next trip here!)
  • Sunglasses – I have been eyeing these sunglasses for the girls for a year now. Easter baskets this year- it’s going to happen! One of my favorite non-toy gift ideas for kids on the list.
  • Writing Tablet– For school, for the car, for travel…you can’t go wrong with these!
  • Electric Toothbrushes – Who knew kids would be excited about a toothbrush? This one will for sure be a hit, so many adorable animals to choose from
  • Wooden ABC Letters – This shop has hands down the most beautiful and practical gifts for littles. We LOVE Gladfolk.
  • Items for sorting – This wooden sorting set is adorable, and will teach them a thing or two- its a win, win.
  • Cute Stickers
  • Fun Notebooks
  • Make your own popsicle molds – These dino ones are just too much…I call a dino popsicle made yourself a non-toy gift idea for kid slam dunk.
  • Gloves
  • Washi Tape
  • Fun Bandaids
  • Bubble Bath – Hands down there is no better foaming, safer bubble bath for kids! We purchase this year round.
  • Kids Umbrella – I’m the mom that wants even her kids umbrellas to be tasteful (anyone else?)

More practical gifts for kids this way! >>>

  • Light-up Alarm Clock – Who knew they could make such an adorable alarm clock?! This unicorn one (and it’s sparkly!) and cloud one here are such cute non-toy gift ideas for kids.
  • Nice Paints
  • Flashlight
  • A sewing machine for kids
  • Sleeping bag – There are so many adorable options, but these ones from Crate&Kids are actually gorgeous (and a total splurge)
  • Cozy bath robe – I mean even when they are older, you can resist a babe fresh out of the bath in a hooded animal towel. NEVER stops being adorable.
  • Fuzzy slippers – These fuzzy bunny slippers are too much.
  • Kids Headphones
  • Their own suitcase – Another total splurge- but these are so well designed and high quality
  • Super soft blanket – The blanket that broke the internet…I just ordered one for myself and cannot WAIT to get my hands on it
  • Personalized Apron – These patterned ones from Minted make the absolutely cutest gift- an apron with their name on it and promises of cookie making with Mom and Dad?! The best.
  • Highlights Magazine (We get this every year and it NEVER gets old!)
  • Books, always 🙂
  • A tent for your next camping trip
  • New gear they need for their favorite sport (A fun new gymnastics outfit is definitely going in my girls’ stockings this year)
  • New water bottle – So many cute patterns the kids would be excited about!
  • Piggy Bank – Cute enough to display on their dresser for sure 🙂
  • Bug or butterfly kit – Honestly, need to get this kit for my girls…fun and learning and not another obnoxious toy to clutter your living room
  • Safety knife set for kids – This Little Kitchen Helper Set would get the kids to excited to help in the kitchen (did you say HELP at dinner time?! I’ll take it!)
  • Kiwi Co Project Kits – Their new “Shop” section is GOLD…now you can purchase tons of incredible STEM-based projects (not just the subscription anymore!)
  • A new fishing pole
  • New backpack
  • Camping or lounge chair – These are hard to find at a reasonable price, but this Pillowfort sherpa one will definitely not be an eye sore in the living room for movie night
  • Gardening Kit – Leave it to Chip&Jo to make the cutest darn kids gardening kit you ever did see
  • Real kids tool set – Tools that actually work! In an adorable wooden case for them to oh so proudly carry around
  • Cute Pajamas – Our two favorite pajamas for kids are here and here– So well made, so well designed…worth the bit of extra $$ because they actually last more than a handful of washes
  • Rain boots – Loving these spotted deer like ones, why are rain boots just so cute on kids?!
  • Color your own placemat – These chalkboard ones can be used over and over!
  • Bathing suit for summer
  • Board Games
  • Science Experiment Kit
  • Activity Books of any kind – This How to Draw Anything book looks like it would be a total hit for your art inclined kiddos

So if you were looking for a few more practical gifts for your kids this year, instead of lots of just stuff they really don’t need…we hope this list of non toy gifts for kids gave you exactly what you were on the hunt for!

And if you are our kind of gift giver- we also think you’d like our post here with 20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas (you’ve probably never heard of).

Less gifts, more meaning.

Happy gifting friends!

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