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Staying Adventurous // 5 Things to Start Right Now

That dang Corona Virus changed travel and adventuring as we know it for longer I think any of us EVER anticipated. The lack of traveling during covid was just downright miserable, amirite??

No sugar coating things here…it really sucked. Traveling during covid, or lack there of, was just down right depressing.

In the past few months there has been some light at the end of the tunnel on all of this, and we have been just brimming with excitement that there might be some more adventures on our horizon that feel semi-normal soon and VERY SOON.

Here’s just a few of the things in this last blur of a year that kept our adventuring spirits alive…maybe not well…but alive and giving us little bursts of life-giving gusts of air to keep us going through all this mess

1. THIS Airbnb Experience – Virtual Italian Cooking Experience

Holy wow this class was absolutely incredible and we can’t recommend it enough. What a BLAST!

If we can’t be IN Italy, this was truly the next best thing. Luca and Lorenzo were just the most quintessential Italian hosts. They walk you through making your own authentic Italian pasta, wine in hand of course, and give you just the smallest taste of Italy that I promise will leave you with a THRILL and true joy for the adventures to come.

Traveling during covid to Italy may be impossible…but being there virtually in this delightful experience is a really great substitute.

These guys are the real deal and for that price you literally can’t go wrong in this travel-crippling, COVID world.

2. PLANNING travel

Although the amount we adventured this past year dramatically decreased…that didn’t stop us from planning out some super fun trips for the future. We’ve got two fun trips on the books for this summer we’re really excited to share with you all.

We are headed out for another month long summer adventure (stay tuned for that location on our Instagram page HERE!) and we are literally counting down the dayyyysssss. It seems like maybe the lack of traveling during covid may be coming to an end and we.are.THRILLED.

(If you haven’t checked out how we not only make these month long trips happen but also bring in money WHILE we travel, check out our post HERE…it’s well worth a read)

3. This Series on Disney+

Ok, I know I know nothing on the screen is near the thrill of visiting the actual place…BUT I promise you this series is worth every minute of your time.

Especially episode 1…just trust me, after this 45 min mental getaway your travel glands will be salivating.

4. Trying ALL the new restaurants

I feel like this is a seriously downplayed way to find in adventure in your own city…anyone else?

Don’t get me wrong, we have our go-to restaurants that are a home away from home and that comfort when you need it. BUT there is totally something exciting that keeps that adventure spirit alive by simply trying a place to eat you’ve never been before.

It may be a total miss…or it could be your new favorite…that’s the fun of it! Challenge if you choose to accept it- try eating out for an entire month at only new restaurants in your city!


We may not have been able to finally go on that epic family trip to Norway we’ve been dreaming about for years…BUT we made lemonade out of lemons and have become quite the road-trippers this past year. We’re serious adventure lovers over here, so we made traveling during covid anyway anyhow.

Travel was different, and will probably continue to be different for a while, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up on adventuring! There are ways to travel and travel safely in this post-COVID world…and for us a huge part of that has been road-trips.

See The Ultimate List of Resources for Your Next Road Trip here!

We’ve got 2 big road trips happening this summer and we CAN’T WAIT.

Adventure might be a little, or a lot, different- BUT adventure is not dead. Every week, every month, we’re trying to make choices that help us live out our value that EXPERIENCES > THINGS…even in this crazy pandemic world!

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