Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (Quarantine Edition)

I think we can all agree when all of this COVID madness started in early March…none of us thought by Mother’s Day we’d still be sheltered in our homes with no exact end in sight.

We’ve had to grieve the loss of our epic family Norway trip being canceled, the delay of our very best friend’s wedding, and even the heart-wrenching reality of not being able to meet our brand new baby nephew yet….

And we know each and every one of you have experienced some sort of loss or missing out during this wild time in history as well…and it’s just HARD.

BUT here we are…with Mother’s Day only a few weeks away, and most of us in the position most likely of not being able to be physically with our moms this year (cue ALL the sad emojis).

So we’ve rounded up some unique (all shippable!) gift ideas for this Mother’s Day that we think really hit the spot with this ocean of separation between us all right now. Gifts for mom that matter, gifts that bring connection, gifts that make the distance seem not so distant at all.

Here we go, here’s to all the mama’s we love so dear!

  1. Spa Day Kit // Virtual Mask & Mama Night – What lady doesn’t love a little pampering? Send your mama a Spa Kit and have a zoom date with some masking and vino…quality time with a side of self-care, can’t be beat.self-care-gift-box-2_2000x
  2. You & Me, Mom Journal – What a meaningful gift…and one that will bring so much connection, even with all this separation right now! These prompts are so unique, fun and will be sure to have you both laughing, and crying, together this Mother’s Day.51401_1_640px
  3. Personalized Photo Keyring – I mean is this not so beautiful?! I need one of these stat…hint hint husband 🙂 The perfect small treasure to send to your mama that will just brighten her day…and keep her thinking about her babies on those aimless drives we are all going on, just to get out of the dang house (no? just me?!)!il_1588xN.2198763900_dazs
  4. Virtual Painting Class – SO.MUCH.FUN. Sign up for a virtual painting class for your mom and you, many studios have taken their classes online during all of this! Such a fun way to connect with each other during this strange time and let some stress out with some creative fun!rifqi-ali-ridho-VlXlW77swwY-unsplash (1)
  5. Customized Keepsake Box – A gift that’s going to for sure leave her in tears. The present you know she’s always wanted, but just never got around too. A beautifully handcrafted and personalized keepsake box for all her most precious memories…this gift will blow quarantine distancing out of the water 🙂wayfaren-284_1512x
  6. The Stories We Tell // Scrapbook Album – We are HUGE fans of Artifact Uprising over here and this new memory keeping product does not disappoint. How gorgeous is this scrapbook album?! Make a night of it and have a virtual scrapbooking date with your mama once she gets hers in the mail…now you know she would lovvveee that!scrapbook-big-envelope-pdp-4
  7. Personalized Photo Puzzle– Never at any other time in human history have people been doing more puzzles! Take your favorite photo with your mama and turn it into her next quarantine stay-at-home project….a sweet and fun gesture that’s perfect for this Mother’s Day especially 🙂pzf100
  8. Board Games for a virtual Game Night! (…and a bottle of her favorite wine) – Ok for that fun, life of the party mom- this is your gift. Ship her a few board games, that can be played virtually of course, and have her favorite bottle of wine delivered and boom you’ve got a Mother’s Day WIN. Our favorites for a Zoom game night are- Our Moments, Codenames (if you each have the game), Taboo and Scattegories (classics), and Wine IQ (which seems very Mother’s Day fitting :))

Hoping this gives you some inspiration and encouragement that with a little bit of intention, this Mother’s Day can and will be special! Tag us on Instagram at @wayfarenco with your meaningful gift ideas and purchases (quarantine style :))!

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