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Travel Keepsaking 101 // Simple and FAST

Well, I am approximately one year and 3 months behind on this….but finally, FINALLY I have put together the memories from our Italy trip last summer. (Read all about how our family of four spent 1 month in Italy for 1k last May here)

It is so darn easy to just let those photos sit on my phone (and they did for 365+ days), but I can’t tell you how good it feels to organize, print out, and gather all that memorabilia from our trip and have it in hand, ready to reminisce on.

In an age of digital this and fast that, it makes me value tangible memories all the more.


I ended up ordering a soft cover photobook from Artifact Uprising, because from our perspective the quality and design just can’t be beat. I am SO thrilled with how the book turned out, I know we will still be looking back at it 20 years from now.

The book we ordered was here (an incredible value for the quality you recieve)…no kickback to us, we just really love this company. And if you sign up for their mailing list you can get a 15% off coupon!

We also love Chatbooks for a super easy way to document your travels (or any life season really)….you are literally one click away from getting those photos off your phone and into your hands. Get $10 off your first order HERE!

No lie, it was literally one click to upload the photos and then have the website automatically fill them in for me. Date and title the book and DONE!


I gathered up our train tickets, bus stubs, and other little mementos I had saved, tied them up and then put them in one of our keepsake boxes. Now sitting on our coffee table is some of our most sweetest memories, right at our fingertips every.single.day.

The keepsake box style and size we used is here. Biased? Sure. But we think we craft the highest quality, most beautifully designed keepsake boxes on the market, hands down.


I am convinced this increases my JOY on an everyday basis. And I love that it is easily within reach for the kids to flip through whenever they like and remember as well (Less screens, more print- can I get an Amen?). Not to mention the incredible conversations it has started with friends over the past few weeks.

What trip have you been putting off documenting?? GO! Put those photos in a folder, upload them tonight and get your customized book and keepsake box ordered this week! Let the travel magic live on a bit longer friends.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

– Ibn Battuta


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