Travel Essentials // For the Minimalist Mama

Traveling with kids is already a challenge right?! What you are packing and bringing along should work for you and not against you…can I get an AMEN?

We are all about less is more in our family. Because the less you bring, the more free hands you have. And the more free hands you have, the more easily you can chase around those wild children, right?

We’ve compiled our list below of the best of the best travel essentials for kids, for the minimalist mama.

Make your next trip more joyful, less stressful. Less stuff, more memories.


Here you go!

  1. Gathre Mat – This mat has SAVED us on so many trips (our favorite size is the Midi). Goodbye disgusting airport floor and hello picnic at any moment. These mats are crazy durable, wipeable, and protect those little babes from any germs you want far, far away…and the beautiful designs don’t hurt either. Who says you can’t travel with little AND keep an ounce of your sense of style?!ChicagoAirport1
  2. Fawn Backpack– Super high quality and exactly the amount of compartments you need, nothing else you don’t. Fits perfectly under the airplane seats, isn’t too bulky for pedestrian adventures. Also, Dad might not be completely opposed to carrying this one as well!
  3. Headphones– These are great. Wonderful price, don’t fall off, fold us compactly.
  4. Water Coloring Book – Our go-to travel activity for kids because there aren’t 165739 pieces to loose or a massive mess to make. Yes, you can absolutely pack ALL the activities to keep kids occupied (themed zippered bags, window clings, and the like)…I am just not that mom. The simpler the better in our family.
  5. Ergo Baby Carrier – Forever and always, more durable, sturdy, easy to throw on baby carrier there is for travel. We attempted to trek around the city in our Solly Baby wrap, and although we love it for at home, it’s just not practical for travel.DSC_0873
  6. Golden Books – Thin and super easy to pack a few of these books without taking over your entire bag!
  7. iPad– Need I say more?
  8. Dirty Diaper trash bags– Because it WILL happen in the worst moment in the worst possible location.
  9. Summer Infant Travel Stroller – This stroller has been with us in the cobblestone streets of Italy, to the hills of San Francisco, to the Redwood Mountains, and countless airports. SO durable, lightweight, easy to fold-up, and has an attachable shade (important for those long sunny travel days), and can lean back for the glorious, coveted stroller nap!DSC_0122
  10. Clip-on High Chair – If your Air BnB or hotel does not provide a high chair (preferable), we love this thing so easy meals with a little while away. Folds up super compact and allows you to eat with a babe ANYWHERE!
  11. JetKids┬áRide Box – This is the one item on the list we don’t have but is at the TOP of our list for our next big adventure. We tried the more economical blow-up travel foot rest pillow for our eldest to be able to lay down and sleep on longer flights and it was a disaster. This will definitely be worth the investment.
  12. Thermos – Still have a milk drinker and are going to be traveling for long stents? Bring this sippy cup and this one alone?
  13. Travel Journal – Despite the chaos around you, you are going to want to soak up every.single.bit. of your trip…because a year from now looking back at those memories will be so very sweet and you’ll want to somehow transport back in time. A beautiful travel journal with everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


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